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A Sudanese filmmaker born in Oman 1998, his film culture and interest started when he was 8 years old when he create a group of kids to made a viral dramatic clips online, Then he participated on many short films and Tv shows as a Camera operator and Editor, besides film workshops that he got.
In 2015, He founded his own production company in Sudan to create an up-to-date digital media and To produce his films independently and with complete freedom , it is a company for artistic and media production and social media management.
In 2018, Shehab directed and solo produced his film that got the Black Elephant award in Sudan Independent Film Festival 5th edition and was screened afterwards in different events and screens like SAVVY contemporary, Berlin.
In 2020, He obtained a very good bachelor’s degree in research entitled “The Reality and Future of Cinema in Sudan” from Mashreq University.

الخبرات العملية والمشاريع

- He has been a YouTube partner in the content industry since 2009 and is the oldest Sudanese content maker.
- He produced, filmed and directed TV commercials for large companies in Sudan, from 2017 to 2019
- " Alsalah " Tv show at Khartoum Tv.
- On Air tv show at BlueNile TV , Editing and Vfx.
- Media Production at On AIR Media Festival 2017
- Perfume ( short film ) Assistant D.O.P 2017
- social media management at Tiharqa International Award for cinema and Art ‎‏ 2016
- Volunteer at Sudan Independent Film Festival 2016
- Existence‏ (short film) Editing Assistant 2015
- Media Production at Tiharqa International Award for cinema and Art‎‏ 2015
- Digital Journalism and Strategy workshop at UNICEF 2019
- Award of Excellence in recognition of outstanding achievement in most creative approach to filmmaking from Yes Academy 2015 , Embassy of the united states of America , American voices , Sudanese voices .
- Media Production Programme workshop from Yes Academy 2015 , Embassy of the united states of America , American voices , Sudanese voices .
- " How do I make my film? " workshop , Khartoum Mobile Film Fastival 2014
- Member of the Youth Cinema " cinema Alshabab " Foundation since 2013 until 2015

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