Motaz Mostafa

Motaz Mostafa

السيرة الذاتية


Creative Director, Designer, Motion Graphics Artist

MOTAZ MOSTAFA Got his experience from working in RUSSIA,UKRAINE and EGYPT


MOTAZ MOSTAFA is an award-winning creative consultant specializing in high-end creative direction, design, and motion graphics. Established as a leading futuristic visual design and motion director, he has sharpened his advanced visual aesthetic into a streamlined creative consultancy which helps companies and individuals translate advanced concepts into beautiful forms that resonate with the audience on a higher level.


With over 16 years of industry experience, his work has spanned nearly all design & motion graphics mediums including film, broadcast television, websites, smart phones, virtual reality (VR), electronic billboards, toys, vehicles, print, and video games.


MOTAZ MOSTAFA as a public isHighly proactive, physically fit, outweighs his colleagues when it comes to job tasks, ability to finish assigned tasks before deadline, meticulous, very precise, self-confident, courageous, risk-taker, conforms to dress code, willingness to adapt in different harsh environments, hard- worker, achiever, diligent, serious and formal when dealing with people, complies with job rules, possess negotiation







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